Centre’s First Publication Sent to Printing

Centre for protestant studies Gáspár Károli prepared its first publication, titled: Gutenberg and ProtestantismConference Proceedings. The publicatiion includes two studies prepared for the upcoming Károli Forum, taking place on June 24, 2023 in Subotica, as well as a Hungarian summary of one of the studies composed in English.

The first paper was prepared by Dr Gábor Mondovics (Hungary), Károli Centre’s research associate. This study outlines a concise analysis of the Balkan Jews’ recent history. The paper also introduces a brief account on Sarajevo, also known as the ‘Jerusalem of Europe’ or the ‘Little Jerusalem’.

The second paper, published in English, is a detailed comparative analysis of various disciplinary overlaps between law and theology. The study was prepared by Károli Centre’s research associate Damir Sütő, PhD (Serbia). The central theme of the research is based on the notion that both law and theology are in essence textual, even rhetorical disciplines. The publication includes a brief summary of Dr Sütő’s research in Hungarian, prepared by Csaba Szűcs, M.Th., Károli Centre’s research associate and Róbert Hevesi.

The first publication of the Centre for protestant studies Gáspár Károli is scheduled for official presentation on the upcoming Károli Forum 2023. Along its printed version, the publication will be available online, on Károli Centre’s official webpage.