Advantages of Multiculturalism as the Second Károli Forum’s Main Manifesto

Centre for Protestant Studies Gáspár Károli held its Second International Károli Forum in Subotica (Serbia) on June 8, 2024. Alongside Centre’s researchers, the Forum welcomed its distinguished guest speakers: Dr Lluís Català Oltra and Dr Daniel La Parra Casado from the University of Alicante (Spain), and Richárd Morvai Rácz from the University of Novi Sad. The overall topic of this year’s conference was ‘The Protestant Worldview – Reforms and Challenges’.

Studies based on a variety of humanistic disciplines such as sociology, education, history, law, medicine, etc., ensured the 2024 Forum’s multidisciplinary character. In their papers, the authors repeatedly highlighted the substantial social effect which cultural, worldview, or identity diversities have in relation to the world’s overall positive development. Hence, the Joint declaration formed by the conference participants’ particularly notes that “cultural, ethnic, religious, worldview differences are humanity’s indisputable advantage.”

The 2024 Károli Forum’s artistic tone was secured by the expressive performance of the Subotica Pro Musica Chamber Choir, conducted by Krisztina Csikós, as well as the Kanjiža Fény duo chamber string duet’s nuanced recital.

A number of regional Hungarian broadcasting services secured the event’s media coverage.

The upcoming Károli Forum is scheduled for June 2025.