The First Prize Goes to Hungary

The Károli Library presentation ceremony, held on the margins of the first international Károli Forum, included a photo exhibition of works awarded on the Károli Centre photo contest themed ‘Gutenberg and Protestantism’.

The judging panel including Mrs. Natália Polacsek (chair) and Mrs. Izabella Szűcs Kószó, after examining whether the submitted photographs comply with the predefined propositions of the competition, continued the judging process by evaluating the submitted materials’ photographic qualities (composition, light, the rule of thirds, etc.). Special attention was given to the level of creativity, aesthetics, and the artistic expression of the photographs.

After deliberation, the judging panel unanimously awarded the first prize of the Károli photo contest to Enikő Vályi-Horváth from Debrecen (Hungary), for her photography “A középpont” (The Midst).

The second place was presented to Lidia Veréb from Subotica for her work “Írógép” (The Typewriter), while the third prise photography “Szentírás” (The Scriptures) was sent by Glória Lukácsevity, also from Subotica.

The announcement of the winners and the presentation of their awards was held within the Károli Forum programme.