Károli Forum and Library Presentation

Date: June 24, 2023
Place: Subotica, Centre for Protestant Studies Gáspár Károli
Topic: Gutenberg and Protestantism

The inceptive
The moveable type printing press technology, apart from being an invention with an enormous impact on the history of human culture, is widely recognized as the single most important factor in the success of the Protestant reformation. A printed matter has from the very beginnings proved to be the prime instrument in spreading the “new faith movement”, as well as an efficient tool for disputing alternative ideas. Simultaneously, the concept of making the Bible much more accessible by translating and printing it in various native languages, has left a deep mark in the subsequent development of European civilization, primarily in the process of defining the ambience for establishing distinct national identities.

The concept
The 2023 Károli forum wishes to bring together participants from various fields within humanistic social sciences, gathered by a shared attempt to offer a multidisciplinary analysis of rapport between Protestantism and printed matter in the context of wider social, cultural and civil settings. The presented material will provide a new insight in both historical and contemporary aspects of this relationship, as well as attempting to identify the latest tendencies generated by the modern means of communications.

Public call
The Centre for Protestant Studies Gáspár Károli invites all interested to participate in the work of the symposium, to submit their works in accordance with the Instructions for Authors. For more information, please contact the organizers.

Conference proceedings
Each study presented on the Forum will be published within a separate printed ISBN edition of Conference proceedings.

Károli Library presentation
A part of the programme will be dedicated to the 2022 donors of the Károli Library, expressing heartfelt acknowledgment for their gifts, with an elegant presentation of the library.

The Agenda of the 2023 June Károli Forum can be downloaded here.